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Bullfights in the Marbella bullring.

There are bullfights every day in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol from May through to the end of summer. The timetable for the Sunday bull fight timetable comes a week before the actual bull fight.
Bullfighters in the Marbella bull ring

Bullfight posters

You can buy tickets for the bullfight just in front of the bullring or at the bullfight ticket office itself in the walls of the Marbella bull ring or any other bull ring in Spain. On the day of the fight the ticket offices will remain open from 10am until the fight starts.
You can also buy tickets on the internet through an online internet bullfight ticket office. Below you see a typical ticket seller on a street corner on the day of the fight.

Bullfight times change as the days get shorter. At the beginning of August the bull fights start at 7pm and as the month progresses, the times are brought forward.

After the bullfight you can buy a large colourful bullfight poster showing the names of the bullfighters, the venue and the date and other souvenirs.

Bullfighting in Spain still has a big following and most fights or corridas have a good turn out on Sundays. They say that to understand the Spanish you must first go to a bullfight!

Bullfight posters for sale outside the Marbella bullring

Fighting today were Pablo Ruíz and Conchita Rios, two young Spanish bullfighters already drawing big crowds. Pablo Ruiz is from Marbella so when he is in the Marbella bull ring he is fighting in front of a home crowd.

Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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