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Bullfighters in the Marbella bull ring

Meet popular Spanish bull fighter Conchi Rios at work in the Marbella bull ring. In the picture below Conchi is riding across the Marbella bull ring, making her entry before a large Sunday afternoon crowd.

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Spanish bull fighter Conchita Rios in the Marbella bullring
Below you see Conchi making a graceful pass with her cape leading the still fresh bull across her body.
Conchita Rios fighting the bull in the Marbella bull ring
Conchi walks away triumphantly from the fallen bull as the onlookers applaud. Her picadors are still watching the bull carefully.
Conchi is known as a "novillata", a novice although she is on the point of breaking into the ranks of the professional matadors having taken her rightful place amongst the traditionally men Spanish matadors. You will see her below, still redfaced from the last fight and about to board her smart people carrier to drive to her next venue.
Conchita Rios outside the Marbella bull ring.
Some frequently asked questions about bullfighting.
When does the bullfighting season begin in Spain?
It starts halfway through March and finishes halfway through October.
What time do the "corridas" start?
The position of the sun determines the start of the bullfight and is confirmed by the bull ring two weeks before the event. The further north or south you go in Spain will affect the starting times. In March the bull fight will start in Marbella and get steadily later until seven o´clock in the afternoon in August when it is still very hot, and then start getting earlier until 6 o´clock in the afternoon in autumn.
What is a "novillada" which I sometimes see on the posters?
This is a bullfight involving young bulls and young matadors who have not yet moved onto the full sized bulls. Prices are about half the price of a "heavyweight" bullfight but in Madrid the bullfights involving the novices are well supported and are big events.
Can children attend bullfights?
Yes, as long as they are accompanied by adults.
How long does a bullfight last?
From an hour and a half to two and a half hours
What happens if it rains?
The bullfight will continue even it rains. If the rain is very heavy, then the bullfight is cancelled. If the event is cancelled before it even starts, then the tickets will be refunded at the Teyci ticket office. If the event is cancelled once the bullfights have started and even if only one bull has been fought, then the price of the ticket will not be refunded.
Can I come in to the bull ring late?
Yes but you can only take your seats between between bulls
Can I take photos of the bullfighters and the bulls?

Yes, you can take as many as you like!

Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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