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Salsa Teachers and Classes on the Costa del Sol


Salsa Dancing on the Costa del Sol

Check out the Salsa dance scene, here on the Costa del Sol. Join one of the classes held up and down the coast or simply use this website as your guide to which nightspots are presently in fashion within the local Salsa scene!

Salsa on the Costa del Sol! There is a great mix of Cuban and Cross-Body Style Salsa here on the coast, and much more Bachata and Merenge are danced here. There is not normally dancing after classes, therefore keeping in touch with where to go is important! Be aware that the Salsa scene here in Spain happens a lot later, expect to put on your dancing shoes from about 11pm onwards! Salsa classes are highly recommended as a way of making friends having fun and keeping fit. Feeling shy? In the beginners classes everyone is in the same boat, get a drink from the bar, relax and enjoy!

Salseros on the Coast having fun!

Doing it Spanish style on the coast! To be a part of the local Spanish Salsa scene, check out the Marbella Baila forum site. This is an association of teachers and dedicated salseros from up and down the Costa del Sol and if you can read Spanish you can tune into what is happening and where everyone is going. The teachers on these sites all teach in Spanish and give classes in Cuban Salsa/Casino Rueda, Merenge and Bachata. Students meet once or twice a week for their classes, in a gym or dance school at a scheduled time. You usually pay for your classes up front at the beginning of the month.

Reciprocal UK links: - The mother of all salsa events in Manchester, UK
The salsa dance scene is big on the Costa del Sol with lots of different styles and classes up and down the Coast. Take a few of the salsa classes listed above, get into the salsa scene and have a great salsa holiday!
Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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