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Malaga Airport bus to Marbella Bus station


Information on the Malaga Airport Bus and Marbella Bus Station

Marbella the jewel of the Costa del Sol

lead the way back in the nineties and now every other municipality on the Costa del Sol has tree covered boulevards and lovely gardens and makes an effort to keep the area clean and appealing to both tourists and residents.

Marie Angeles Muñoz was voted in at the end of May 2007 as the town's new mayor. It marks a return to normality for Marbella and an end to the corruption which has plagued the town for the last 15 years. There is every hope that Marbella will recover the prestige it once enjoyed many years ago.

Read up on Marbella's recent history and find out why the town attracts visitors worldwide. A look at the weather records and average temperatures page listing the average number of sunny and rainy days on the Costa del Sol will help you plan your holiday.

The old town of Marbella is absolutely charming.  The streets are narrow and cobbled, with chic boutiques and local cafés side by side.   At the heart of the Old Town known as "El Casco Antiguo" lies the Orange Square, which is also where the tourist office is ready to give you maps and information.  Cross the road from the Alameda Park fountain and walk through the Orange Square past the old castle wall and into the impressive Cathedral.  The Old Town is perfect for shopping and relaxing in the many cafés, restaurants and bars. This was the only shopping centre in Marbella 10 years ago before El Corte Inglés and the ultra modern La Cañada shopping centre arrived. You will find real hand made clothing and jewellery in the boutiques around the Old Town.

A great time to come down to Marbella is the second week of June each year and take in the Marbella feria and all the fun it has to offerª

When you get to Marbella call in to the Tourist Information offices situated in the arches at the entrance to Marbella and San Pedro or pop into the Tourist Information office in the Orange Square in the corner of the Town Hall building. Friendly multi-lingual staff will be pleased to attend you.

Getting to Marbella from Málaga airport is one of the most commonly asked questions. Check out the how to get to Marbella from Malaga airport information page. Once you get to Marbella then check out the transport information page with details of taxis, buses and the Marbella Bus Station.

Look in at photos of the Paseo Maritimo the fashionable promenade running right from Marbella to Puerto Banus.

Below you will see one of my favourite spots, these are the steps leading up from just next to the Plaza de los Naranjos to the well preserved walls that circle most of the Old Town, know also as the Casco Antiguo de Marbella. If you walk to the right you come to the La Encarnación cathedral. If you walk up to the left, past the hanging geraniums and keep going you come to some very reasonably priced restaurants. Casa Eladio is on the right. Twenty seven years ago I can remember the granny lowering her basket down on the end of a rope, into the centre of the restaurant from one of the rooms above and she would then pull her dinner up. Granny will have passed on but the restaurant is still there.
The Old Town of Marbella
Author: Mike Drury - Google+
The Malaga Airport to Marbella bus station bus service runs like clockwork all year round. The Malaga airport to Marbella bus service travelcols on the toll road which is fast and direct with no intermediate stops. The bus leaves from just outside Arrivals at the airport and arrives at the Marbella bus station with taxis right outside.
Check today's flight departure or arrival times at Malaga airport here when planning your journey.
Fifty most asked about destinations from Malaga Airport
Malaga Bus Station
Seville Airport Bus Timetable
Cost: Various fares exist. Families get generous discount.
Journey time: 45 minutes.
Ticket sales:
From Marbella -
Ticket office in Marbella bus station.   
From Malaga Airport: Look for ticket office just outside exit from T3 Arrivals Hall. After 20.00 buy tickets on the bus.
Reserve your Airport bus tickets online from the Avanza bus link at the top of the Gomarbella Costa del Sol buses page. and double check your timetable.
Updated 09/11/2013
Malaga Airport to Marbella

Marbella to Malaga Airport

Travel time between Marbella and Malaga Airport 45mins
Travel time between Estepona and Malaga Airport 90 mins
Ticket prices between Airport and Marbella vary between €7.10 and €9.00 (09/11/2013)
Ticket prices between Airport and Estepona vary between €9.70 and €13.20 (09/11/2013)
It's a great service and the Malaga airport shuttle service is used by residents as much as visitors to the coast. Expect to see cabin crew or airport workers on the bus with you.

Tell your guests and visitors that Mike says "Malaga Airport starts at Marbella bus station!"

Unless you are picking up your mother-in-law or the grandchildren, meet your guests at the Marbella bus station and drop them back at the bus station kerbside after their holiday!
What to do if you miss your pre-booked bus service: Fiona Hicks wrote in to say: "I just want to pass on some advice relating to the Malaga Airport - Marbella bus. I was getting on it at the airport last week when a women tried to board with a ticket for an earlier bus. Her flight had been delayed. She didn't speak Spanish and couldn't understand that the driver was telling her to get the ticket endorsed/stamped at the ticket office but I was able to explain. It is handy to know to do this if you are delayed and miss your pre-booked bus travel time.

Mary O'Neill wrote in on Facebook to say: "Our flight was delayed and neither the driver or the ticket office could accept our ticket that we purchased online because it was for a different time than the time we actually needed the service. So please be aware to warn other travellers not to pre-book their bus ticket on line. Also it was cheaper to buy the ticket at the ticket office than to book online"
Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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