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The Fountain in the Alameda Park


The Alameda Park Fountain

This beautiful oasis in the very centre of Marbella is worth visiting. Just at the back of the park, and just above the underground parking garage next to the park, are two well stocked kioscos with a very wide selection of international newspapers and magazines.

Get your newspaper on a Sunday morning and before you leap back into your car, take a seat on the lovely ceramic benches in the park and read a while. Have a coffee in the historic Cafeteria Marbella in one corner of the square.

In the picture below you see the Marbella day feria in full swing. The Marbella feria takes place every year in the first two weeks of June. The two women are dancing the Sevillanas next to the fountain. Traditionally the Sevillanas are danced in a couple but given the reticence of Spanish men when it comes to dancing, nothing stops the women from taking to the floor as they are below.

You can read your newspaper in the Alameda square or dance. Enjoy yourself! This is Marbella
Dancing Sevillanas in the Alameda Park
Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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