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Maria Zambrano Train Station in Malaga

Malaga Airport

Malaga Train Station.

The María Zambrano train station in Malaga is an ultra modern transport facility for tourists and travellers visiting the Costa del Sol. Situated only 2 kilometres from Malaga Port, it is linked to the Costa del Sol as far as Fuengirola train station by the C1 train line with trains leaving for Fuengirola every 20 minutes.

The Maria Zambrano Train Station is a modern, elegant and highly functional trains station

Malaga airport train station is only 8 minutes down the line and the Malaga train station itself is the second last stop on the C1 (Cercanias or Local) line before the Malaga Centro Alameda stop in the heart of Malaga city. Train passengers can travel all the way from Fuengirola train station into the centre of Malaga in less than 45 minutes in airconditioned comfort.

Malaga's main train station has every facility for the modern traveller with a travel and information centre, ATM machines, cafes, bars and a commercial and leisure centre open every day of the week with a good number of retail shops. It's the ideal place to wait for a bus or a train. Get your bus ticket across at Malaga bus station before settling in at the station or buy it in advance from the Gomarbella online bus reservations facility. The train station also has a hotel and a cinema for travellers staying overnight and underground parking spaces easily accessible from the roads outside.

Access to platforms on the left and exit to bus station on the right.

Travellers often ask me how close the train station is to Malaga bus station. The answer is that they are side by side. If you have just arrived at the train station and are travelling on by bus, you'll come out from the platforms under the Arrivals and Departure signs on the left in the picture above, walk around the escalator on the right which leads to the cafeterias and restaurants on the first floor and then look for the exit to Malaga bus station on your right.

The high speed AVE trains for Madrid glide out of the Maria Zambrano train station almost every hour with trains leaving for Seville Santa Justa train station, Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona.

Here is the address and a contact phone number:

Málaga María Zambrano Train Station
Explanada De La Estacion S/N
29002 Málaga

Tel: +34 902 43 23 43

Questions and Answers about Malaga train station which I received on the Gomarbella Facebook page during the summer:
Question about Car Hire Return at Maria Zambrano train station: Hi. If we are trying to return a car to the Malaga train station, at 8:30 in the morning, do you think we can make the 9am flight from Malaga airport? How long should returning a car take at the train station itself? Thanks! Megan

Answer: Hi Megan, I'm sorry to say that you wouldn't make it in time to Malaga airport. At the end of last month I returned our Gomarbella rental car to the Dollar car hire company at Los Angeles airport, it took me less than one minute, alas, in Spain, nothing works that fast. If the car hire office at the station opens at 8.30am, at best you would only be on the train to the airport at 08.45 and it's an eight minute journey to the airport. You still need to go through security and then get to your departure gate.

By the way all the companies renting cars at Malaga station are represented at Malaga airport so you should be able to collect your car from the train station and then return the car to the airport for a minimal extra charge. If your flight takes off at 09.00, your gate will close 25 minutes beforehand and you will need to give the car back at 08.00 at least.

Have you thought about giving the car back the day before and enjoying an evening in Malaga city? There's a lot happening and the communication with the airport is excellent, trains and buses starting from 06.00 in the morning. You would save a day's car rental and be able to start your return journey relaxed and unstressed. There is also a hotel right next to the airport. In LA we gave our car back two days before and used public transport and the hotel shuttle to the airport and had a very easy departure.

Megan I hope that helps, let me know if I can help at all with giving the car back the day before. Thank you for writing in and best wishes from Marbella, Mike

Question about Left Luggage Lockers at Malaga Maria Zambrano train station: Hello I would like to know if the left luggage self storage in Malaga Train Station has plenty of left luggage bins? We wanted to reserve in advance but it was not possible. Any suggestions?

Answer: Yes, the left lugggage room has a good number of lockers in it and the cost of leaving luggage per day is very reasonable. About a year ago I asked if I could take a photo of the room but for security reasons I wasn't able to. In May of this year I travelled up to Madrid on the AVE and had another look in, it's a modern installation with an attendant and an Xray machine. In the next couple of months after the summer it's most unlikely that it will be used to capacity. Remember that just over the road in the Malaga bus station there's another (smaller) left luggage area which could be a back up but I'm sure it the station lockers are not going to be full before Christmas.

Question about getting to the Hotel Don Pepe in Marbella by bus or by taxi. How do I get to the Hotel Don Pepe in Marbella by bus or taxi from Malaga train station?

Answer: Good morning Janet, thank you for writing in.

By Bus: When you get to the Maria Zambrano train station in Malaga, as you come off the platforms into the arrivals area, turn left, walk 50metres or so and look for the exit to Malaga bus station on your right.

Malaga bus station is just over the road outside the station building. When you buy your bus ticket to Marbella bus station ask for the Express or Directo service. These buses travel directly from Malaga bus station to Marbella bus station with no stops in between taking only 50 minutes compared with one hour 30 minutes on the normal service.

Check through to the Gomarbella Costa del Sol buses page and at the very top you'll see a link to the Avanza Bus site. Select Malaga (That'll be Malaga bus station) as your Origen and Marbella as your Destino. You'll see over 20 buses leaving during the day. If you are not in a hurry to get to Marbella and prepared to wait for an Express bus and enjoy a bit of shopping or a coffee back in the train station, then buy your ticket and check which platform the bus leaves from before coming back into the train station. If you don't mind a bit of scenic travel then take any of the the slower buses and you'll get a good look at the towns and bus stops between Malaga and Marbella.

Once you get to Marbella bus station, treat yourself to a taxi down to the hotel Don Pepe and arrive in style, it'll be less than €10.

By Taxi: I just had a feeling from your pic that you might also just be wanting to do things in style all the way Janet. Really don't bother to prearrange a transfer unless you are looking for a scented limo. Are you? Just walk straight out of Malaga station and the taxis will be waiting right in front (under cover). They will be so excited to have a fare all the way to Marbella. The fares are fixed in a book of tariffs so there'll be no nonsense. Check before starting off if you like. Let me guess at €80 or less from the train station. Welcome to Marbella!

Enjoy your journey to Malaga especially if you are travelling on the AVE and have a great stay in Marbella.

Best wishes Mike

Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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