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Fuengirola Train Station RENFE

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Fuengirola Train Station

Train travellers from Malaga airport train station who are heading for destinations beyond Fuengirola towards Marbella get off the train at Fuengirola train station and then have two choices. Take a taxi from the taxi rank outside the station or walk one block to the Fuengirola bus station and then take a bus stopping at their destination at one of the bus stops between Fuengirola and Marbella.  

The train to Fuengirola train station and then a bus from Fuengirola bus station to Marbella bus station is an alternative to waiting at the airport for the special Malaga airport to Marbella shuttle bus.  
Check here for the timetable of trains from Malaga's Maria Zambrano main train station to Fuengirola running at 30 minutes intervals in both directions.
Fine tune your travel to Malaga airport on the day of departure by checking the day's Arrivals and Departures
The interior of the Fuengirola train station is very modern with a ticket office and then ticket barriers so that only passengers with tickets can access the platform. For the first few hundred metres the train travels underground before emerging into the sunlight.
Lift from pavement to Fuengirola Train Station ticketing and platforms
Shown above is the lift for prams or wheelchairs to the ticket level. The Fuengirola train station is completely wheelchair friendly.

Entrance and exit at the Fuengirola train station

This is the entrance to the Fuengirola train station which is the end of the line from the Maria Zambrano train station in Malaga. There are escalators on both sides. If you are catching a taxi, take the elevator on your right. If you are walking to the Fuengirola bus station, it does not matter which side you come out!
A lot of travellers need to know how close the Fuengirola train station is to the Fuengirola bus station The two stations are only a very short walk block apart and you won't need to pull your suitcase more than 200 metres. On the right of the picture below you will see the red sign of the Fuengirola RENFE train station and on the left of the picture you will see two buses parked next to the Fuengirola bus station operated by the Portillo bus company. There are traffic lights and pedestrian crossings all the way around the big roundabout you can see between the two terminals. There is a permanent taxi rank outside the Fuengirola train station on the right.
The distance between the Fuengirola bus station and the Fuengirola train station
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Question: "I have seen your photo of the train and bus stations in Fuengirola and having studied the map it appears that the Fuengirola train station is at the end of Avenida de Jesús Santos Rein and the Fuengirola bus station is in Calle Alfonso X111. Do you know if this is correct please? Once again many thanks and best regards and thank you for the very useful advice and information. Christine."

Answer: "You are absolutely right Christine, everything is go to go amazingly well on your holiday if you plan ahead like that! You walk from the train station to the bus station along Calle Lope de Vega, one block only. Hang onto all your possessions at the Fuengirola bus station when you buy tickets and get on and off buses, sorry to say it again! Best wishes Mike."

Question: What is the address of Fuengirola Train Station?
Answer: Tyler wrote in from Istanbul on his way to Fuengirola to check a couple of details. I replied to him on the Los Boliches Train Station blog in the Comments section. See his question and my answer here.
The next stop towards Malaga is the Los Boliches train stop. Visitors write in now and then to ask if Los Boliches is wheelchair friendly. Get the whole story here! Los Boliches Station and Wheelchair Users.

Planning has started to extend the train line towards Marbella and then eventually the train line will go as far as Algeciras. High speed trains will use this same line in the future. Don't hold your breath just yet!

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