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How do I get from Torremolinos to Gibraltar?


Torremolinos to Gibraltar by Bus

How do I get from Torremolinos to Gibraltar for a day out?

Take the Torremolinos bus to La Linea Bus Station

Hi Ian I checked on the Portillo bus company information. Tthe journey takes 2 hours 43 minutes and you will find the latest ticket cost and time table if you check in the Costa del Sol bus timetables and choose Buses from Torremolinos. Then look for the schedule for La Linea which is the bus station right next to the border with Gibraltar.

Check here for another description of the bus journey from Torremolinos to La Linea 

Have a good trip to Gibraltar and thanks for checking in to Best wishes Mike Drury

From: Ian Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2007 Subject: Day out in Gibraltar

Here is a visitor to Gibraltar just after the passport control on the Gib side waiting for a taxi. The taxi rank is just 10 metres from passport control. The bus stop for buses to Gibraltar centre is about 10 metre further on and buses come continuously. As one bus fills up, the next bus to Gibraltar centre comes along. Taxis are cheap and take you anywhere in Gibraltar. Ask your driver how much a tour of the Rock will cost.
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Waiting at the bus stop just inside the Gibraltar border

Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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