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How can I bus from Torremolinos to Gibraltar?


Can I get a bus from Torremolinos to Gibraltar?

How often do they run and what is the cost? Regards Jim
Take the bus from Torremolinos to La Linea and then walk to the Gibraltar border.

Hi Jim Have a look at the schedules and timetables for buses on the Costa de Sol and look at the schedule for "Buses to and from Torremolinos" Look at the route Torremolinos to La Linea. La Linea is the town just across the border from Gibraltar and you will see the timetable of buses from Torremolinos to La Linea and the cost of the bus journey. You will see that that La Linea bus station is only 5 minutes walk from the border.

When you get to the Gibraltar side of the frontier you can take a bus or taxi to the centre of the town or even walk in. It takes about 30 minutes to to walk from the Gibraltar border to the bottom of Main Street in Gibraltar and you will need to cross the runway. Look out for low flying planes!

Check through here for my suggestions on what to on a day's excursion to Gibraltar.

Please let me know if I can help with any more information about your trip to La Linea and Gibraltar. Best wishes   Mike Drury

Stop Press: July 10, 2008. The Gibraltar government has issued a warning about assaults on Gibraltarian residents returning to Gibraltar late at night. The latest incident happened very close to the Chinese restaurant next to the border and Gibraltar residents are advised to take a taxi from the centre of La Linea if returning to Gibraltar in the early hours of the morning after a night out.

: Don't let this put you off going to Gibraltar but take care if you are catching the last bus back up the coast from La Linea after dark and look after your possessions getting on and off your buses and at all bus stops and stations along the route. You would do this anyway wouldn't you?
The picture below is taken from just outside the La Linea bus station which is about 5 minutes walk from the frontier. You can see the rock of Gibraltar in the background. To get to the border crossing post, walk towards the Rock, and then turn left. You will see the border post on your right. Make sure you have your passport with you.
View of the Rock of Gibraltar from outside the La Linea bus station
The main access road from La Linea to Gibraltar can be seeing crossing the runway below and passing to the right of the Gibraltar airportbuildings on the opposite side of the runway from the Rock, just inside the Gibraltar border. In the distance you can see the hills of Africa and to the right, the straits of Gibraltar. On a clear day you can see the flat topped buildings in Morocco from view points on the Rock of Gibraltar.
Gibraltar runway
The bus and taxi stops for buses and taxis to the centre of Gibraltar are about 60 metres back from the Gibraltar airport barrier. These visitors are waiting for a gigantic RAF Hercules aircraft to take off and then they will walk into Gibraltar.
Waiting to cross Gibraltar runway.
Get from Torremolinos to La Linea Bus Station then Gibraltar with

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