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Miraflores Bus Stops on the A7/CN340 between Marbella and Fuengirola


Miraflores Bus Stops between Marbella and Fuengirola

This is the Miraflores bus stop for passengers coming from Fuengirola and travelling towards to Marbella. Just next to the bus stop are steps leading up to the service road running the whole length of the Miraflores urbanisation. I apologise to visitors to this very attractive holiday complex for the uncared for state of the bus stop. If you are in contact with any of the offices or rental agencies for Miraflores, please suggest they send a gardener down once a week (Why not daily?) to clean up the stop. Leaving one of the front doors to this prestigious organisation covered in papers, a litter bin that has not been emptied and newspapers blowing in the wind is not the way to greet travellers. The photo was taken from the pedestrian road bridge linking the Miraflores complex with the beachside developments and the beach.
Miraflores urbanisation and bus stop
This photo below is taken looking the other way, down the A7/CN340 with the traffic on the right heading towards Marbella. A car is braking and turning into the exit for Miraflores. This sign is marked as Miraflores KM 199. If you are travelling to Riviera del Sol, you can also come off here and then drive along the parallel service road. The Riviera del Sol bus stop for passengers travelling from Fuengirola is next to the blue sign in the far distance. The next road exit for Riviera del Sol is just beyond the second white sign
Road exits for Miraflores and Riviera del Sol
Look at the beautiful skyline below of Miraflores blending into Riviera del Sol. If you are bussing to either of the complexes for the first time, try to find out how far your accommodation is from the Miraflores or the Riviera del Sol bus stops. If you are in doubt you can always get off the bus at Riviera del Sol and then get a taxi to take you to your apartment or urbanisation. If it turns out to be a very short journey then a minimum charge of 8 euros or less will apply. (2012). At least you will arrive in style and not have to trundle your suitcases in the heat of the summer.
Miraflores skyline on the Costa del Sol
Below is a glimpse of Playa Miraflores Bloque II taken from the sea side of the footbridge over the A7/CN340 One of the oldest footbridges on this road the shady trees overhanging the down ramp give this side of the road a very good feel.
Play Miraflores Bloque II seen from the sea side of the footbridge
If you have any questions or doubts about travel in this area contact me through the latest gomarbella blog and I will do my best to answer you.
Please also contact me if you see any improvement in the state of the Miraflores bus stop!

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