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Marbella Bus Station to Marriotts Marbella


From Marbella to Marriotts Marbella

Lots of visitors to Marriotts Marbella ask about how to get there by bus so last weekend I took some pictures, I hope this makes it easier!
If you want to travel from Malaga Airport by bus, then use the Malaga Airport to Marbella Bus Station bus service.
From the Marbella Bus Station to Marirotts Marbella you can take a taxi or catch the bus to Fuengirola from the Marbella Bus Station and get off on the sea side of the road at the Pinogolf Don Carlos bus stop which you see below. It is 26 stops along the Marbella to Fuengirola bus route which follows the CN 340 road. Check here on the Costa del Sol bus pages for the Marbella Bus Schedules from Marbella Bus Station to Fuengirola. If you look at the blue sign it shows a footbridge about 100ms back along the road in the direction that you have just travelled from Marbella. You will need this footbridge when you travel back to Marbella Bus Station or get off the bus from Fuengirola at the Pinogolf Don Carlos bus stop on the inland side of the road. The Don Carlos bit of the name refers to the nearby Don Carlos hotel which shares the same bus stop. I wrote to Julie a traveller to Marriotts earlier this year. She was asking about taking taxis to Marriotts from Fuengirola or taking the airport bus to Marbella bus station and then the bus from there to Marriotts. You can read my complete answer to Julie in the comments box on my 'Spain now and Then' blog. .
Marriotts Marbella Bus Stop
Below you will see the walk up a slight hill from the main road. Marriotts Marbella is just over this hill about 50 metres past the roundabout you can see at the top of the rise.It is about a 10 minute walk from the Marbella to Fuengirola main road from where the bus stop is, to the Marriott's Marbella complex. If you are OK about trundling your suitcase along that stretch, up a slight hill and over the rise to the complex, then no problem. but you wouldn't want to be doing it late at night or if it is raining, not from the security point of view, more from the comfort angle The bus stop where you got off is about 20 metres to the left. The footbridge you will need to cross the very busy main Marbella to Fuengirola road is about 80 metres to the right. Marbella is to your right. Fuengirola is to your left. You will be rewarded with a view of the sea in front of you when you get to the top of the hill!
Marriotts Marbella is just over the rise
Below you see the footbridge from the sea side of the road on the left to the inland side on the right. You will see the road on the left going up the hill towards Marriotts. Don't ever think of trying to take a short cut across the busy road over the central reservation. It will be fatal. If you are leaving Marriotts with your suitcase and heading for Marbella, this is your route, up the ramp on the left, over the road, and down the ramp on this side of the road. My suggestion when you are leaving Marriotts Marbella - take a taxi back to Marbella Bus Station. If you are exploring the Costa del Sol without a car, then the Portillo bus service is clean, inexpensive and generally on schedule. Here are the schedules on the Costa del Sol bus page from the Fuengirola Bus Station for your convenience.
Marriotts Marbella footbridge
Below you will see the Pinogolf bus stop on the other side of the road from Marriotts Marbella. The footbridge is in the distance. The traffic is going towards Marbella. The Marriotts Marbella bus stop is 26 bus stops from Fuengirola Bus Station and 26 bus stops from Marbella Bus Station, exactly half way along the route which makes it easy to calculate arrival and departure times at the stop.
Mariotts Marbella Bus stop going towards Marbella Bus Station
Have a fantastic stay at Marriotts Marbella and please write in to gomarbella at if you need any more information
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