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How do I go from Marbella to Granada by bus?


Take the Marbella to Granada bus.

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This is the schedule for buses from Marbella Bus Station to Granada:  Marbella to Granada by bus  

You will see three to four buses Monday to Sunday from Marbella to Granada and up to four buses returning from Granada to Marbella.

The direct bus service takes 2.45 hours and the slower service to Granada with more stops takes 4 hours. The cost of the direct and the slower bus service from Marbella to Granada is € 13.29 (2007)

The Portillo bus service operates buses on the Costa del Sol and to Granada and some of the buses to Granada are run by the Alsina Graells bus company which operates out of Cadiz. You buy the tickets and book your bus seats at Marbella Bus Station.

Check here for online bus reservations:
Online bus reservations

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From: Ibrahim Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 Subject: Bus from Marbella to Granada

Granada main bus station
Here you see the end of your journey. From the main Granada bus station there are local buses every few minutes to carry you into the very centre of Granada. I took this picture at the end of March 2008 and there was still snow on the mountains and the little shop on the departure level of the Granada bus station was doing good business renting ski equipment and selling skiing lessons on the Sierra Nevada slopes
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