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Malaga Airport by bus or train to Hotel Vime Campanario de Calahonda.


Take the Malaga Airport train to Fuengirola Bus Station and then either the bus to Marbella, or preferably a taxi.

Hello, I am arriving at Malaga Airport and want to go by bus or train to Hotel Vime Campanario de Calahonda

Take the train from Malaga Airport to the Fuengirola train station. The train leaves Malaga Airport every 30 minutes and here is the train timetable.

When you come out of arrivals, the Malaga Airport train station is directly in front of you.

On the right of the picture below you will see the Fuengirola train station under the red sign which says Fuengirola. It is an underground station and there is an escalator for travellers to come and down. There is a taxi rank right outside the Fuengirola train station, and you will see the white taxis parked next to the exit.

On the very left of the picture below you will see two cars parked. If you look just above the red car, you will see the back of a parked bus. It is parked next to the Fuengirola bus station. The lower building with the light brown roof is the Fuengirola bus station. You will see that it is only a short distance between the Fuengirola train station and the bus station if you are pulling a suitcase. There are also taxis parked opposite the bus station if you arrive by bus.
Fuengirola Train and Bus Stations
Hotel Vime Campanario de Calahonda is on the busy CN 340 road between Fuengirola and Marbella and is well off the road. It is too far off the road to pull a suitcase from a bus stop to the hotel. The easiest and most practical way to get to the hotel from Fuengirola bus and train station is by taxi.

I asked Pablo in the Hotel Vime Campanario de Calahonda Reception office below how much a taxi would cost and he estimated from 25 to 30 €. (2011)
Hotel Vime el Campanario de Calahonda Reception
There were a group of people outside the Hotel Vime Campanario de Calahonda reception office waiting in the shade of what looked like a bus shelter. I asked Pablo if there was an internal bus service and he said that they were waiting for taxis. From this hotel you would need a hire car or take a taxi or be fit enough to walk down to the bus stops on the CN 340.

If you feel like taking a bus one morning then the buses on the sea side of the road go towards Fuengirola and the buses on the inland side go towards Marbella. Check here for the bus schedules on the Costa del Sol and look at the Fuengirola bus schedules, Buses from Fuengirola to Marbella. The return times from Marbella bus station to Fuengirola bus station are printed below.
Sitio de Calahonda bus stop

This is the bus stop you will come to after a 20 minute walk from Hotel Vime Campanario de Calahonda down the hill you see on the left. This is the busy CN 340 road. The people waiting at the bus stop are going to Marbella.

Here is a list of the bus stops between Fuengirola and Marbella.

Here is a map of Calahonda showing the three bus stops.

If you do feel like taking the bus from Fuengirola to Calahonda and then taking a taxi, get off at the main Calahonda stop which is the the Las Postas bus stop.

Use the footbridge from where the photo was taken from to get to the bus stop on the other side of the road to go to Fuengirola. The sea is to the right of the photo.

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