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How do I get from Malaga Airport to the Macdonald's in Calahonda?


1) Take the Malaga Airport train to Fuengirola Bus Station and then either the bus to Marbella
2) Go to Marbella bus station on the airport bus and then take a bus to Calahonda from Marbella bus station

Hello I wonder if you could let me know the best and cheapest options getting to and from Malaga airport and Calahonda resort.
Hi Ally, You have two ways of getting  from Malaga airport to Calahonda. Calahonda is halfway between Fuengirola and Marbella. So you can either travel to Marbella and then back towards Calahonda all on the bus or you can travel from Malaga airport to Fuengirola by train and then onwards from Fuengirola bus station to Calahonda by bus.
1) Malaga Airport to Marbella bus station and then to Calahonda Take the airport bus from Malaga to Marbella Bus Station. There are no stops in between because this service takes the toll road further back from  the coast. Here is the timetable for the special Malaga airport to Marbella bus station service: 

Then from there take the Marbella to Fuengirola bus back along the coast road to Calahonda. If you check through from Costa del Sol bus timetable page and look for "Buses to and from Marbella"   you will find the route Marbella - Fuengirola. You will be getting off on the sea side of the road and will need to take the overpass footbridge to the Calahonda side of the road, unless you are staying in a resort by the sea.
Macdonalds in Calahonda
Here is a picture of the Macdonalds on the sea side of the road when travelling from Marbella to Fuengirola. You are looking down the off ramp. This will be the first of the three Calahonda bus stops coming from Marbella. If you need a taxi after you get off the bus, then use the main Calahonda bus stop called Las Postas
2) Malaga Airport to Fuengirola and then to Calahonda  Take the train from Malaga airport to Fuengirola train station, there are trains every 30 minutes.

Then from Fuengirola train station walk 100 metres to the Fuengirola bus station and take a bus to Marbella and get off at the first of the three Calahonda bus stops.

Taxi from Marbella or Fuengirola to Calahonda.
Calahonda is a very big urbanisation and the place you are staying in could be some distance back from the main road and the bus stop.

There are three bus stops for Calahonda and this map will help you see where to get off.

Macdonalds is the middle of the three Calahonda bus stops.

I hope this helps you and that you have a great stay in Calahonda Best wishes from the Costa del Sol Ally

Mike Drury

From: Ally Sent: Sunday, September 7 2007 Subject: Malaga Airport to Calahonda

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