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How do I get from Malaga Airport to Torremolinos?


From Malaga Airport to Torremolinos

Dear Personel at Marbella bus station, we are visiting Spain in July.I have a flight to Malaga and a hotel in Torremolinos.
1) How can I get to the hotel from Malaga Airport by bus? 2) Is it possible to take the Marbella to Malaga Airport Bus and then get off in or near Torremolinos? Is there a bus stop in Torremolinos? 3) If not, please help, what can I do then?
Best regards Adam           Friday, June 30, 2006

Hi Adam

Torremolinos is very close to Málaga airport and it would be easier to take the train from Malaga Airport to Torremolinos rather than take the bus. There are taxis waiting permanently at the Torremolinos train stop.

The problem with the bus is that there isn't a convenient bus service directly from Malaga Airport to Torremolinos and you would have to walk about a kilometre to the bus stop on the main road outside the airport next to the San Miguel factory.

Unfortunately for travellers to Torremolinos, the Malaga Airport to Marbella Bus Station bus takes the toll road and does not stop in Torremolinos.

Another possibility of course to get to your Torremolinos hotel from Malaga Airport is by taxi. It should be less than €15 on a weekend day but check with the driver when you get in. It is only about 10 to 15 minutes by taxi at the most. There are always hundreds of taxis waiting outside the airport.

Best wishes from us at gomarbella Adam and I hope you have a great visit.

Mike Drury

PS I don't work at the Marbella Bus Station although I am happy to say that it sometimes feels like it.

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Can you give me information about a bus service from MALAGA AIRPORT TO TORREMOLINOS timetable to and from the two destinations and where the bus stops are? This would be greatly appreciated
Hello Mick

The problem is that there isn't a direct service from the airport to Torremolinos, you have to go all the way into Malaga to the bus station and then back basically along the same route to Torremolinos in another bus.

The train would be a lot faster than the route above if you know where your destination is, or if your hotel or apartment is near the train station. Every 30 minutes there are trains from Malaga airport into Torremolinos. The train would be a good way to get back to the airport at the end of your stay when you know your way around.

I would say a taxi is the fastest option for your arrival, then, once you are settled in, sort out the return by bus.

Have a great stay at Torremolinos   Mike
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