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How do I get from Malaga Airport to Gibraltar?


From Malaga Airport to Gibraltar

Hi Karen Thanks for writing in. You can do the journey two ways.

1) Malaga airport bus to Malaga Bus Station then to La Linea Bus Station.

Take the bus from Malaga airport outside the Arrivals area (Every 30 minutes from to 11.30pm) to the main bus station in Málaga.

Bus to Malaga centre with airport train station just behind.
You can also take the C1 train passing the Malaga airport stop every 20 minutes as far as the Maria Zambrano main train station in Malaga and then walk next door to the bus station. It's six of one and half a dozen of another!

From Malaga bus station take the bus to La Linea bus station. From there it's a five minute walk to the Gibraltar border and once you have shown your passport you can take a bus or taxi for the very short ride to the centre.

The Avanza company operates this route and you'll find their link at the very top of the Gomarbella Costa del Sol pages. You can book this journey online.

PS: When you put in La Linea as your Destino, type in Linea de la Concepcion, La.

2) Malaga Airport bus to Marbella Bus Station then to La Linea Bus Station

2) Take the special Málaga Airport to Marbella Bus Station bus service. Have a coffee in the Marbella Bus Station cafeteria and then catch the bus from Marbella bus station to La Linea. Check the Avanza bus route timetable using the link above to find out how many services there are to La Linea from Marbella.

Either way you'll get there, I guess a lot will depend on your arrival time at the airport and then deciding which is the most convenient route for you. My opinion is that if the timings are good between your arrival time at the airport and the next departure time for the Marbella shuttle bus, I would go for that option and cut out the trip back into Malaga to the bus station because you then have to come all the way out again past the airport on your way to La Linea.

The Gibraltar border is only 5 minutes walk from the La Linea Bus Station, have your passport ready and you will walk straight through. In the picture below you will see where the taxi stop is, about 10 metres past the passport control.

I hope this helps, if you have any difficulties in working it all out, please let me know if I can help. Best wishes from a wet Costa del Sol

Mike Drury

Below is a visitor to Gibraltar waiting for a taxi. The taxi rank is just 10 metres from passport control The bus stop for buses to Gibraltar centre is about 10 metres further on and buses come continuously. As one bus fills up, the next bus to Gibraltar centre comes along.
Gibraltar Airport with Rock of Gibraltar just behind.
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