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Lockers at Marbella Bus Station


Luggage lockers at Marbella bus station

I am going to stop at the Marbella Bus Terminal next Sunday on my journey from Malaga to Algeciras (by bus). My question is:Can I leave my luggage somewhere at the bus terminal while making a short tour in Marbella? Are there lockers so that I can lock up my luggage there ?! I would be very grateful if you could answer before Saturday, as I will already be in Spain by that time! Thank you so much Manuela

Hi Manuela,
Yes, there are left luggage lockers at the Marbella bus station, there two different sizes. You will see them on the right when you get off your bus and come into the bus station. You buy a token from a machine next to the lockers. There are two options; one token costs €3 and the other costs €4 (Prices from 2007) The machine will give change. You can leave your luggage there all day.

Be careful to take out everything that you need for the day, sunglasses, money, suntan lotion and so on because you cannot open your luggage locker twice! If you open it again you will have to buy another token.

You can easily walk into Marbella and right down to the sea front which will give you a good feel of the town. Just cross the road  bridge next to the bus station and head straight down the road away from the mountains behind you and towards the sea. You can't get lost!  You will come out near the Alameda Park in the centre of Marbella  Take a taxi back up to the bus station, it will be a minimum Marbella taxi fare.

Best wishes for your trip to Marbella and enjoy yourself! Mike Drury

From: Manuela Thursday, August 02, 2007 Subject: Luggage lockers at the Marbella Bus Terminal

PS For travellers coming from Seville to the Marbella bus station, why not break your journey in the historic city of Ronda, feel the orange dust of the Ronda bullring and get the best of Ronda, leaving your baggage in the left luggage lockers at Ronda bus station

Luggage lockers at
This is the bank of left luggage lockers at the end of the Marbella bus station hall. The machine for the tokens is on the left. The two lower rows of luggage lockers are large and you can fit two suitcase in if you are having a short break in Marbella and don't want to pull your luggage around all day.
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