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La Cala de Mijas Bus Stops


La Cala de Mijas Bus Stops

A gomarbella reader wrote in to the gomarbella blog on La Cala de Mijas to say that they had rented a car the previous year and asked "This year we are returning to La Cala and wondered if we could manage without the car by using the bus. Do you know how much it would cost to travel by taxi from Malaga airport to Mijas Costa? Or is it an easy journey by bus or train?"
I answered by saying I thought visitors could manage perfectly well without a car and checked on the taxi prices with our local taxi company in Marbella and while the girl couldn't give me a price from the airport to La Cala (being based in Marbella) she said that from the airport to Marbella by taxi would cost 56 euros on weekdays and 66 euros at night or on weekends. From Marbella to La Cala de Mijas by taxi would be 25 euros on a weekday and 30 euros at night or on a weekend. So, if you subtract 30 euros from 56 euros, it would give you the approximate price of the cost of a taxi from Malaga airport to La Cala de Mijas, around 26 euros. (Please check before you get into the taxi though) Taxi fares on the Costa del Sol are fixed in a book and do not vary for a whole year. (2008 prices quoted here) Once you start using the buses from La Cala to get up and down the coast, you will find this list of bus stops between Fuengirola and Marbella useful.

Look here for a description of how to get from Malaga airport to the La Cala de Mijas area by train and bus or taxi.
Once you get to La Cala de Mijas there are two main bus stops. If you look at the picture below you will see the bus stop on the left which is where you get on and off the bus travelling from Fuengirola to Marbella. In the distance you will see a tourist bus stopped next to the bus stop serving the Marbella to Fuengirola bus route. It is right next the the La de Mijas Town Hall building.
Bus stops in La Cala de Mijas
This is the big Portillo bus stopped at the bus stop above on the left. The bus is on its way to Marbella. It comes off the CN 340 and does a loop the loop under the underpass which you will see in the picture below before ending up at this bus stop. It then goes back under the underpass and pulls back onto the busy road heading towards Marbella.
The Fuengirola to Marbella bus in La Cala de Mijas
This picture was taken from where the bus is parked above and is looking away from the sea towards the mountains. Just through the underpass you will see the La Caja de Mijas Saturday morning market. You can see how easy it is to get to this market from any other point on the coast. You get off the bus only two minutes walk away from this popular market. Do your shopping then have lunch in La Cala in the town centre or down on the beach before heading home. There are two buses every hour and even on the hottest days in July and August, you can sit comfortably in the deep shade of the trees next the bus stop. It´s a great day out. Leave your passport and credit cards at home... If you want to stay out late, late late, check out the late night live music at the La Cala Bar Paraiso!.
Looking towards the La Cala Saturday morning market
La Cala de Mijas is very well connected with the rest of the coast by bus and you can avoid parking problems and driving on the busy coastal road if you take the bus. There are two buses every hour in both directs. To check the frequency look at the timetables of buses leaving Marbella or Fuengirola. La Cala de Mijas is slightly nearer Fuengirola so if you halve the journey time you can work out when it is going to pass through La La Cala. There are also timetables in each bus stop which you can consult.

Muriel recently wrote in to to the Spain Now and Then Gomarbella blog to ask about travelling from Fuengirola bus station to La Cala de Mijas

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