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Camping Playa Bus Stop


How to get to Club Playa Real from the nearest bus stop

Elena asked how to get to Club Playa Real from the nearest bus stop between Marbella and Fuengirola
Hi, I'm coming to Marbella with two children (5 and 2 years old)... we will stay in Club Playa Real, Carretera de Cadiz km 193, Marbella. I know how to reach Marbella Bus station from Malaga airport, but... from there? Which bus should we take? What is the nearer bus stop? And... anyway, is it easy to do with children and luggage too? Thank you very much! Elena
Hello Elena, below you will see your Camping Marbella Playa bus stop in the distance on the far side of the road. When you catch the Marbella to Fuengirola bus, you will be travelling on the far side of the A7, CN340 coastal road. Camping Playa is the next bus stop after the Pino Golf bus stop which serves the Marriots resort. The bus pulls off the road so it is a safe bus stop to get on and off at travelling with the children.
Camping Marbella Playa below the footbridge on the other side of the road

Below is a close up picture of the Camping Marbella Playa bus stop. When I took the picture in the early morning the refuse collection trucks were hard at work. When you get to the Marbella Bus Station you will be catching the bus which runs from Marbella to Fuengirola. Look here for the Marbella bus schedules and then for the route MARBELLA - FUENGIROLA. You will see how long the journey takes and how much it costs. When you buy your tickets at the ticket office in the Marbella bus station, ask for Camping Marbella Playa. If you would like to go into Marbella or Puerto Banus for the day and are catching the bus from Playa Real to Marbella, cross over the footbridge to the bus stop on the other side.

Camping Playa Bus Stop and road to Playa Real
A sign next to the bus stop says Playa Real - 500m. It is a narrow road from the Camping Marbella Playa bus stop to Club Playa Real but the asphalt surface is good if you are pushing a pram or pulling a suitcase. In summer, there are cars parked on either side of the road so any walkers have to move close the parked cars to let any passing cars go by. If you are walking with children, you would want to hold their hand for safety. About 250 metres from the main road is the main entrance to Camping Playa below.  You will see the Cayetano Supermarket right next to the campsite which gives very convenient shopping facilities for all the campers and holiday makers in the Club Playa Real apartments.
Camping Playa entrance and Cayetano Supermarket
Below is the Club Playa Real Heritage Resort Reception. The address is Club Playa Real, Carretera de Cadiz km 193, Marbella. There are restaurants, pizzerias, hairdressers, car hire offices, internet cafes, bars and shopping facilities all the way along the access road.
Club Playa Real Heritage Resort Reception
So the answer to your question is; "Yes, you can do it with small children" but remember that Club Playa Real is about 500 metres from the main A7 road along a narrow road with cars parked on both sides in summer and you would need to be very careful with the children. It would help if there were two adults, one for the push chair and one with suitcases and to watch the little ones.
Just 100m beyond the entrance to Club Playa Real is the access to the beach. At 8.30am in the morning there were only runners and people exercising. Through the morning mist you can see La Concha, the mountain behind Marbella and a white cruiser just off Puerto Banus. There is a popular chiringuito beach bar 100 metres along the beach on the right. I hope you have lots of fun with the children on the beach which looks very safe. Have a great holiday Elena. Best wishes Mike
Camping Playa beach in the early morning
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Author: Mike Drury - Google+
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