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Marbella to Gibraltar


Take the bus from Marbella to La Linea and then walk across the border to Gibraltar

Hi. How do I get from Marbella to Gibraltar, and back again the same day? Are there any online schedules available for buses or trains early July month .Best regards. Mat
Hi Mat The train line stops at Fuengirola so you will need to take the bus from Marbella to La Linea. Go to this page where you will find all the schedules and timetables for buses on the Costa de Sol

Click on "Buses to and from Marbella" Look at the section Marbella to La Linea. La Linea is the town just across the border from Gibraltar and the La Linea bus station is only 5 minutes walk from the border.  You will see the timetable of buses from Marbella to La Linea,  the length of the journey and the cost.

The La Linea bus station is just on the on the other side of the frontier. After you cross the border into Gibralatar you can take a bus or taxi or even walk in. It is about 30 minutes on foot to the bottom of the Main Street of Gibraltar and you will cross the runway just after the Gibraltar immigration post. Don't forget your passport. You should be able to get back easily to Marbella the same day by taking one of the later buses from La Linea back to Marbella. You can even get to the Algarve in Portugal via the Estacion Prado de San Sebastian in Sevilla from La Linea!

Mat, another way of doing it is to go with an organised tour. It costs a bit more but they will pick you up along the main road between Fuengirola and Estepona and the coach will take you right in to Gibraltar and all the way home. If you like I can send you the email address and contact details of a very reliable travel agent in Marbella that we use for anything we can't get on the internet.

Best wishes and thanks for using gomarbella Mike Drury

From: Mat Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2007 Subject: Bus from Marbella to Gibraltar.

Below you can see a dramatic picture of Gibraltar and the Straits of Gibraltar behind on the right. This is Algeciras Bay and immediately across the bay is Algeciras Port where you can take a ferry to get across to Morocco. The big ships in the bay lie up there to avoid anchorage fees in Gibraltar or Algeciras. Some of them are oil tankers waiting to discharge their cargo at the oil refinery in Palmones just out of sight to the right.

Check through here for my suggestions on what to on a day's excursion to Gibraltar.

The border between La Linea and Gibraltar follows the green vegetation to the right of the runway. La Linea bus station is about 5 minutes walk on the Spanish side of the border along the road which crosses the runway. It is just out of the picture to the right.

The border between Gibraltar and Spain
Bus from Marbella to La Linea and then walk across to the border to Gibraltar with
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