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How do I go from Fuengirola to Ronda?


Take the Fuengirola to Ronda bus.

I am going to the Costa del Sol on holiday soon and would like to take the train from Fuengirola to Ronda, my problem is I  am unable to find a website with train timetables. Thanks in advance Mel   

Hi Mel  

Here is the national railways website . The only problem is that there is no direct rail link between Fuengirola and Ronda, Fuengirola is the end of the Coast line from Malaga. You would have to go all the way by train from Fuengirola back to Malaga Maria Zambrano train station and then go by train to Ronda Train Station. You will be able to buy your ticket at the Fuengirola train terminal for the whole journey or on the internet.

By road it is only about 95kms, by rail much longer. Another route would be to go by bus. Check here for bus schedules and Costa del Sol bus timetables here and select Buses to and from Fuengirola. The route up to Ronda from the Coast is very scenic.

The time table of buses to Ronda from Fuengirola will show four buses on weekdays. The Ronda Bus Station is very centrally situated in Ronda and within easy walking distance of all the historic sights and monuments. If you take the first bus up to Ronda and then the last one back, you can have a great day out. Ronda bull ring is the oldest in Spain and the Ronda bull ring museum is excellent. The views from the bridge over the Tajo gorge are really impressive.

If you want to have another really fun outing, why not take the bus to Los Barrios train station on the bay of Gibraltar, then take the train to Ronda, a lovely picturesque journey, then take the bus back to Fuengirola? Make it a real fun day out, take a bottle of wine and rolls and eat them on the train. Do it the way the Spanish do! If you would like to read a bit about this journey, check out the 'Spain Now and Then' blog Estacion Benaoján Monejaque.

Hope this helps your planning Mel, best wishes Mike

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This is Fuengirola Bus Terminal . It is not the smartest bus terminal on the Costa del Sol, in fact it is more like an ordinary bus stop but it has a cafeteria if you have to wait for your bus. You can see a taxi waiting in the foreground. The Fuengirola train station is about 100 metres to the right of the picture. The sea is to the left.
Fuengirola Bus Station
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